by Simon

For those that know me well you will know me as a dedicated Canon user, those of you that own Nikons you would call me a Canon loser! Well it’s all change for me here at World In Focus… Yes, shock horror- I’ve gone out and brought a Nikon! Well that’s a lie I didn’t go out, I got it off the internet! I’m now the owner of a D800 and a completely new set of lenses and I’m set for a new journey in the life of my photography.

Waving bye bye - camera change
So a big thanks to eBay and a lot of frantic bidding, my trusted Canon gear was sold for a very handsome price which covered most of the cost for my new purchases (well not quite but don’t tell the other half :-0 ).
As I was starting from scratch again I could really tailor my requirements towards travel photography. I now have a lightweight 18-35mm the very useful 24-120 F4 VR and the 70-200 F4 VR. Unfortunately I had to upgrade all of my cards to the much larger 32gb size to make them more useful than the 8gb that I had been using, as my files are now much larger.
This move was done with much deliberation and the benefits to my clients is that I’m now converse in both the Canon system as well as Nikon. If you dig right back into my history when I was working in London I was solely using Nikons F2’s and F3’s (film cameras with only manual focus, yes I’m that old!).
So for me it’s like a return journey, who knows what I will be shooting with in years to come.
Nikon D800
The new baby