Where did that come from? Snow in the Peak District.
Yes, Simon did end up doing all the digging! Here is Simon’s tale of events…
Sitting down the pub on Tuesday night (Tam’s birthday treat) we were all like a bunch of old men moaning about the weather. The general consensus was that the weathermen were going to get it wrong and that we would not see any snow coming the following day. Tucking myself into bed that night, I was looking forward to tomorrows Photography Workshop. I simply had no idea what was in store for us.
The first indication to what was happening outside was that the beeping of the phones as the electricity flitted on and off. I could hear the wind whistling outside and it was only when I got out of bed that I realised the extent of the storm that continued to rage. It was difficult to see the moor that usually greets us every morning due to the full on blizzard!
The electricity was out and the house was freezing cold. I inevitably had to cancel the Workshop (put back one day). We soon had a fire going in the living room in our log burner, which now also served as a cooker and sole source of heating for us for the next thirty-six hours.
It was only a question of time before the kids were bored, so I took Winola out in our 4×4. I got half way down the drive before I was confronted with a four-foot snowdrift that occupied about twenty foot of the drive.
It wasn’t until the following day that I learnt that many power lines were pulled down and the mobile phone network was taken out as far as Leek town, 10 miles away. So those weathermen were right, but it still didn’t stop us having a moan, and a really nice night by candle light with the kids.
Where did that come from? Snow in the Peak District.