Tammy Tidmarsh riding Don Classic
A very proud moment for me as at last Donny can now be ridden under saddle. He was sent down to Beaver Hall in Staffordshire to be started by the genius and somewhat brave rider Artur Nicpon. What can I say- Artur has done a fantastic job.
Tammy riding Donny for the first time!
Also many thanks to Simon for taking photographs for me and I have to publicly apologise for the fact that I was very forgetful in not taking pictures of you riding Donny too! Yes I have to admit that I was too busy talking!!! Ooops! 
Tammy riding Donny - Horse Photogrphy
He looks great for a young horse I think. Below is me riding Murphy, just so he doesn’t feel left out!
Tammy Tidmarsh riding Sea Mist