I think most people know that I can take a picture in a Studio environment. However something I struggle with is making what I see outside actually look like I see it- if that makes sense! I just find it difficult.

So with that, I have enlisted the help of my beloved Simon to get me from basically rubbish to Landscaper Pro Extrodinaire!! Well OK that may be pushing it a bit, but Simon will basically be giving me a lesson a week, until I get it. Simon is pretty darn good as a teacher it has to be said though, even with me! I went from when I first met him in 2005, having never picked up an SLR and being blown away by the fact that a photographers job was more technical than I first thought- I just thought that they point the camera and press a button! I first started helping Simon in the Studio in 2006 and in 2011 I got awarded my LBIPP. So with that in mind I have full confidence that Simon will be able transform my photography of all things natural.

To start with I have decided I want to take flower pictures. But more specifically pictures of the flowers around The Spout. I think there is plenty enough variety around here to allow me to photograph a different flower each week and I also plan on learning about the flowers that grow around here too. All I know is that there are some rare ones and that every so often if we look up the fields we see some men in white hats counting flowers.

So we went off this morning with two of the three children in tow for my first lesson! Simon did say I should be up mega early for the best light, but I don’t think the children would be quite so enamoured with a 3:50am start like Simon does at times. So after Winola was picked up by the school bus we were on ‘location’ for 8:40am. Not too bad.

orchid photography

Simon got me metering the ambient light, using the grey card so I can adjust the white balance in Lightroom when I get home and then finally setting up the composition of the shot- i.e, ‘grooming’ long grass out of the way and any other potential distractions.

And here is my finished image. Not bad for my first attempt I thought- well I’m pleased anyway!
Common Orchid

So my first flower I believe is a Common Spotted Orchid or Dactylorhiza fuchsii. However, if any of you botanists out there know better, please feel free to comment. The Common Spotted Orchid flowers from June – August and is a mid-height Orchid ranging from 15cm – 60cm tall, which to me seem pretty darn tall for an Orchid. If anyone knows anymore interesting facts on this flower, please feel free to comment below, I would love to hear it.