by Simon

early morning mist

It’s become very evident that the Peak District weather is now on the turn. With clear warm days followed by cooler nights and chilly mornings it’s perfect conditions for low lying fog and inversions.

We have had a great summer but as we all know it’s not the most exciting light in the summer months. Now we are really feeling the change and my new found enthusiasm for dragging my body out of bed has resulted in some etherial images. Setting the alarm for 6am does not seem as half as bad as setting it for 4am as I was doing only a couple of months ago!

Only the other morning I decided to drop down into the mist and capture the suns rays as they burnt through the layer of moisture. Spending my time like this whilst the rest of the population on Reapsmoor sleeps is a real treat. You can really appreciate your surroundings as you absorb yourself in your photography. These shots were taken over the last couple of mornings and are only a stones throw away from where World In Focus is based at the Spout Farmhouse.

Peak District early morning mist
Mist in Reapsmoor, Peak District