Saturday 3rd March. 9:30am start. Approx 5:30pm finish.

All proceeds from this course will go towards helping Ben with his ongoing treatment.

About Ben

Ben, now 7, is a very special and unique little boy who has encountered many challenges and has a very complex medical profile including: 

  • Global Delayed Development
  • Failure to Thrive
  • Feeding Difficulties
  • Hypotonia
  • A hole in the heart
  • And most recently Epilepsy

It is believed that Ben has a rare syndrome and despite many tests and investigations at both Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London UK, Ben remains undiagnosed. Ben now has a few recognisable words and all his attempts at new words are much clearer. His feeding has also improved and this now enables Ben to try new textures of food. 

About the cause in the words of Mum…

“Here are a few words about Ben and plans for this year. Ben has made excellent progress with his Therapies. Currently he requires 2 forms of therapy. The first focuses on his physical strength using the therasuit methods, which is a continuation of therapy from USA. This therapy is based at the Cerebral Palsy Clinic in Bedford. He is much stronger following his most recent session at Bedford and we are planning another trip shortly. The second form of therapy he receives is from Therapy in Praxis based in York, which focuses on Sensory Integration difficulties. He has also progressed developmentally with this therapy and attends weekly for 2 hours where he is encouraged to plan and forethink his own movements, coordination and actions. His balance and coordination is much improved. 

The therapies above are much more than just attending every session. They are a discovery of Ben’s true capabilities, which Ben continues to overwhelm us with his use of new skills in many ways. Following the intensive session in August and weekly follow ups Ben is now able to complete simple tasks such as feeding independently, understand the concept of routine and climb on and off his new rocking motorbike. He can also now coordinate his walking around objects which stand in his way and is able to get himself upstairs with close supervision. 

It is imperative that the therapy for Ben continues to allow him every opportunity to develop the many skills that remain hidden to him. The support towards the financial burden that the above therapies cost is gratefully received and gives me the opportunity to be a parent and enjoy the positive rewards from Ben. 

The York treatment costs £42 per hour (£84 per week) and Bedford is £45 per hour. An intensive session is 20hours spread over two weeks. He now goes twice a year. Obviously travel and accommodation come at extra costs.” 

If you email me at with your bid, the top five highest bidders will win a place on this most special of workshops.

The Workshop will be as per our RAW file workflow / Lightroom Workshop, but all money received will go towards Ben’s treatment. Simon will be taking everyone to the local pub for lunch, but we ask that guests can buy their own lunch and drink in order that we don’t spend ‘Ben’s money’ on lunch!!!

We will keep posted what the top five bids are- anonymously of course. Once final bidding has done, we will publish what the top bids are with permission from the bidders, or anonymously if they prefer. 

Bidding closes midnight 25th February 2012. Any donations greatly appreciated, from those who cannot attend. We will hold the money until after the close of Auction, when we will give a cheque for the total sum to Ben’s Mum. Happy Bidding!!!