monochrome travel photography

Tomorrow we are talking to Sale Photographic Society on the ‘The Creative Power of the Monochrome Image’. The talk is held at St Anne’s, Church Road West, Sale, M33 3GD starting at 8pm and finishing at 10pm. Non members are welcome with a £4 entrance fee which includes free tea and biscuits. If any of you are interested in going along as a visiting non-member, let us know and we can inform them of any additional numbers. You can let us know by emailing us >>

What you can expect in this talk…

Simon Watkinson will cover all aspects of shooting black and white from start to finish. He will talk in depth about light that creates the mood suitable for black and white subject matter in regards to Landscape and Portrait photography. Where it comes into its own especially, is with travel images where the true impact of removing colour creates images that are powerful and timeless. When photographing poverty you can convey a grittiness, solemnness and isolation perfectly, which would have been lost in colour. Simon will show in his own images examples and the impact that black and white images have.

Time will be spent showing you how to process monochrome images using Lightroom or Photoshop. We will also look at how to create consistent toning using Lightroom. Images included in the talk will include landscapes, portraits, travel images and reportage- showing that by removing colour the focus on the subject is concentrated.

This talk to Sale Photographic Society is our last talk before the Clubs have their summer break. We have a load more talks lined up on varying subjects when the Clubs start their new season in September. To see when we are next talking in your area take a look at our Camera Club Talks page >>

The Creative Power of the Monochrome Image