Simon delivering a talk to South Manchester Camera Club – image by Phil Portus

We offer a huge range of talks and lectures to Camera Clubs on a variety of subjects from Portraiture, to Monochrome, to process techniques using Lightroom, to Photographing Asia, to Commercial Photography and much more…

Most clubs allow non-members to attend their camera club talks for a nominal fee (usually no more than £5). If you are interested in seeing Simon at any of the lectures listed below, please get in touch with the relevant club first to check that this is in fact the case. We have listed each clubs’ website to aid you in getting in touch with them or to see joining details.

We would love to see you there!

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Up and Coming Talks  |  2019

9th December – Vale of Evesham Camera Club | Post Processing in Lightroom and Photoshop |

10th December – Nottingham & Nottinghamshire Photographic Society | The Creative Power of the Monochrome Image

Up and Coming Talks  |  2020

28th January – James Maude Camera Club | Talk topic to be confirmed |

7th March – South Birmingham Photographic Society | Travelling Asia – A Photographers View

A Look At The Whole world Of Photography

We pride ourselves on our vast range of knowledge on Photography.

We don’t just have one area of speciality, we are working professionals in many aspects of photography. We shoot commercial photography for Hotels, Jewellery, Fashion and Stately Homes. We shoot Events, Corporate Photography, Models, Actors and Dignitaries. We also shoot Stock images, Animals, Children and Landscapes the World over.

We have a wealth of experience in so many facets and the best thing is… we also take photos for fun!


Here is a list of available talks with a brief description of what you can expect from the talk.

Lightroom Essentials –Library and Developer

Simon will cover the importing of files, import settings and organisation within the library (keywords, ratings, collections and various views). In the Developer he will be covering the histogram and how it relates to the basic developer- giving you a full understanding of the controls; and a comprehensive overview of the other palettes available in developer, including Black & White process and presets.

This lecture will cover the understanding of RAW files to help you better relate when using Lightroom Software. To conclude there will be an overview on export, for those wishing to send to print, email etc…

Real World Processing with Lightroom

Using Lightroom’s extensive tools Simon will cover the use of brushes, the graduation tool, making presets and how to refine your sharpening. Simon will work on several demo images, to show you what can be achieved. All the images that will be worked on have been taken on real-life commercial shoots, for commissions, stock library or for advertising purposes, giving you a clear idea of the power of the Lightroom developer and its place in professional photography today.

This talk will be a real insight into how Lightroom is used to create images that sell!

Hyperfocal Distance and Mastering Exposure

Simon will discuss during the Hyperfocal Distance section of the talk, the correct selection of apertures to achieve optimum lens performance versus depth of field. Depth of field will also be talked about in more depth and there will be a brief description of circles of confusion. How we perceive sharpness in an image will also be discussed.

 In the Mastering Exposure section Simon will cover metering methods and the use of handheld lightmeters. He will also talk about understanding Histograms and its importance.

A Complete Guide To Shooting Everything Portraiture!

This is a mixed talk by Simon who will encompass the whole subject of Portraiture. Starting from a more classical style he will discuss portraits shot in the studio and how to equip a basic studio- with examples on what can be done with very basic lights. There will be a brief discussion on the use of the exposure meter in the studio, moving on to lens choice and apertures for studio photography.

Simon will then move on to discuss environmental portraiture, including positioning people and how it can cross relate to shooting weddings. Finally there will be a section on travel / cultural portraiture and how to create and achieve quality results in foreign countries- with tips on how to engage with people when you don’t speak the language – transforming your images into captivating lifestyle portraits.

The Creative Power of the Monochrome Image

This talk by Simon will cover all aspects of shooting black and white from start to finish. He will talk in depth about light that creates the mood suitable for monochrome subject matter in regards to Landscape and Portrait photography. Where it comes into its own is with travel images where the true impact of removing colour creates images that are powerful and timeless. He will show in his own images examples of this light, which is suitable and the impact that black and white images have.

There will be time spent on how to process black and white images using Lightroom or Photoshop and how to create consistent toning using Lightroom. Images included in the talk to be discussed will include landscapes, portraits, travel images and reportage- showing that by removing colour the focus on the subject is concentrated.

Travelling with Lightroom

This is a Lightroom presentation, using travel images. Simon will talk about the images and his travels as he reveals what is possible with Lightroom simultaneously. This will not be a talk of two halves, but a dynamic integrated talk where both subjects will be covered alongside each other in an interesting and captivating way.

You can expect to learn the following about Lightroom in this lecture… How to create keyword sets prior to travel to speed up your workflow, star ratings and organisation. In the Developer we discuss the histogram and how it relates to the basic developer; and a comprehensive overview of the other palettes available. This will include Black & White process and pre-sets for consistency. To conclude Simon will discuss output for social media, print and email.

The travel aspect of the talk will cover pre planning, approach to subject and getting creative, how to photograph people and basic travel tips.

Commercial Photography

This talk with cover a diverse range of shooting styles and subjects, such as commercial property, advertising, modelling, corporate, event photography, calendar shoots, hotels in Asia, Stately Homes and shooting for Stock.

This talk will give you an insight into some of the stories behind the scenes accompanying the images. It will be delivered in a way that is accessible to all levels of photographer and leave you feeling inspired with fresh creative ideas to try yourself.

A Complete Guide to Landscape Photography

This Landscape presentation will feature colour and monochrome images of Landscapes from the UK (Peak District mainly) and Asia. Simon will talk in depth about use and choice of Aperture, Hyperfocal Distance, Exposure, choosing light, planning and use of tripod. 

This comprehensive talk by Simon Watkinson will include some process work in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop to conclude.

Travelling Asia – A Photographers View

This lecture will document popular areas of India and places of interest. There will be an extensive talk on Nepal with images from before and after the earthquake. Simon went out to Nepal after the earthquake in 2015 to provide aid and there will be documentation on this also (what we have seen on the news really does not show what has happened and is still happening to Nepal and its people). There will also be images from Myamnar (Burma), which only became open to Western tourists again in 2012.

Camera Craft

This lecture will consist of a broad collection of images from a wide variety of subjects. Simon will give an in-depth explanation of the camera settings and the technique he used to capture these images (along with anecdotes along the way).

This talk will inspire club members and get their creative juices flowing!

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