ipad_app in focus essentialsInitially launched for the iPad, now inFocus (Essentials) has been launched for the iPhone too. Designed as a guide for beginners, this App is crammed full of information that will suit the intermediate photographers too. The concept is a follow on from our workshops, intended as a lasting lesson in your pocket!

Written by Simon Watkinson ABIPP in conjunction with Tabella Publishing the App is available on the App store right now priced at £1.99. CLICK HERE FOR STORE

In Focus (Essentials) contains clear and easy to understand stages on how to set up your DSLR camera. Not only does it cover what settings to choose, but it explains in great detail each of their functions. This is an essential guide for anyone who owns a DSLR camera and wants a deeper understanding of their equipment. 

The app covers all the basics, from file types, to lenses, how the camera judges exposure, how to make exposure compensations and understanding your histograms. This app also explains the many different ways in which the camera can focus and gives you a guide as to which shutter speeds to use at different focal lengths. 

Amazing, full colour pictures and diagrams make the learning process easy to understand, and are good visual examples for each relevant section. Simon’s philosophy is that you have to get to know and understand your camera inside out to get the best out of it. With this knowledge under your belt the whole picture taking process becomes more pleasurable. So, if you’re looking to improve and understand subjects such as ISOs and white balance, apertures and exposure, this is your essential guide.