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Above image by Simon of the group attending the Photo Walk.

On a hot sunny day in July at the Tea Junction at Hulme End, Simon did a presentation focusing on the landscape of Peak District for 50 members of NWR groups from across the Midlands. In the afternoon he took 25 of them on an informal walking photography workshop along Beresford Dale, using an array of cameras, phones and iPads.  The images here show some of the results from the group.


3 thoughts on “NWR Groups”

  1. Marilyn Vigurs Trentham NWR says:

    This was a very enjoyable day and everybody learned something and captured a memorable image of the Peak District. Thank you Simon!

  2. Jenny Lee says:

    Thanks for all the tips Simon, and for encouraging us to get out of bed a little earlier each day to capture some of the atmosphere that permeates your stunning work!

  3. Lynn Welsher Solihull NWR says:

    I really enjoyed your talk Simon and thought your early morning landscapes were beautiful – not quite as easy to get any similar ones in urban Solihull! I very much enjoyed the Workshop in the afternoon and am delighted to see a couple of my photos on here – I was trying out the ideas you gave us!

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