As of 1st September 2017, we will be once again increasing the prices of all our UK Photography Workshops back to what they were in 2008. We have held our prices low for a good many years, but with ever increasing costs, we do need to implement this price reversal back to our 2008 levels. You will be pleased to know that the prices, even then will still be cheaper than they were from 2005 – 2008!

Any bookings paid for in full before this time (even if you are booking for a date after September) will be charged at the current rate. After this time the 2008 rates will apply, which will be £152.50 for a day Landscape Workshop and a full day Private Tuition will be £300 to give you an idea.

If you want to lock in your price now, we have limited dates available until the end of the year. To look at what is available on Private Tuition visit world-infocus.co.uk/photography-workshops/private-photography-tuition/

or for Landscape Photography Workshops visit world-infocus.co.uk/photography-workshops/landscape-photography-workshop/

Prices on our Overseas workshops will remain unaffected.

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