I have decided to run a photograph pick column in order to show some of the images taken by Simon. Here Simon is going to give us a bit of an insight into how he created an image, including shooting data.

photo of the week - sunrise in the mist - landscape photography

Butterton Moor
Sunrise over the peaks

I took a punt with this shot. I got up nice and early for a sunrise shoot with my landscape clients, but when they arrived at my house it became obvious that a deep fog was starting to form. I told them that we could take a chance and head up to higher ground to see if we could get above it. We set out to a pre-planned location that had a beautiful tree that would act as a point of focus for our sunrise shot. Fortunately this location was high enough to get us out of the misty fog (always a chance but this time we were lucky).

As the morning started to unfold it became obvious that the tree was going to be far superseded by the excellent vista that was unfolding before our eyes. We were above the inversion and knew that the sun had risen, but it was hidden behind a distant bank of cloud. I said that it would be worth waiting for, so we set up our tripods and did some test exposures to make sure we were getting the shot that we wanted.

Finally the sun showed itself, but the image still lacked that little something- but just as luck would have it, two birds flew past adding that final touch to bring the image to life. The 1/30 of a second exposure was perfect to show just enough movement in the birds, but quick enough to not allow them to become a blur.

 Shooting Info
Canon D5 Mk II
ISO 100
EF 70-200mm f4 L set to 145mm
1/30 sec

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